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Co-payments in healthcare (Commentary in ‘Today’ 28 Jan 2013)

A friend and respected colleague in the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy once commented, “Singapore policy makers worship at the altar of moral hazard”. While co-payments are a powerful tool, I sometimes feel we have gone overboard and mistaken the means for the end. And like all tools, they are appropriate in some […]

Straits Times Commentary on MediShield for congenital and neonatal conditions

The Government must be applauded for finally rolling out coverage for children with congenital conditions. There will likely be operational challenges and confusion in implementation and I hope all parties will work together with compassion and patience to resolve them. Together, Medifund Junior and the expanded MediShield coverage for congential illnesses significantly enhance the insurance […]

How many Medisave dollars do Singaporeans die with?

Last week highlighted two very different philosophies to Medisave utilization by the Government and the Workers Party (WP). WP called for unfettered draw down for those >75 years of age while the Government urged avoiding “premature depletion” of Medisave monies. Who’s right? “At the age of 75, most of our senior citizens are unemployed. For […]

Who Shall Live?

Who should be subsidised? 04:45 AM Jan 14, 2013, Today newspaper by Jeremy Lim “Who shall live?” is the dramatic title of Victor Fuchs’ classic text on health economics. The melodrama is unfortunately not over-stated. Healthcare is marked by finite resources and infinite demand. There can never be enough doctors, nurses, hospital beds and medicine […]

Forum Letters on Singapore Medical Council

SMA News Nov 2012 SMC Role SMC shouldn’t confuse message with messenger (11 Jan 2013) I AM perplexed and disappointed by the Singapore Medical Council’s response (“Disciplinary cases fairly heard: SMC”; Wednesday) to feedback on its disciplinary processes. While the council is fully entitled to defend its position, its comments about Dr T. Thirumoorthy and […]

Political Ideology guiding Singapore health policy makers Paper we wrote in 2011 to offer perspectives on how Singapore health planners see the world and the criteria implicitly used in decision making.

201301 Commentary on healthcare inflation in TODAY

Reining in the healthcare inflation beast by Jeremy Lim Today 04:45 AM Jan 07, 2013 Planners examining healthcare inflation often wring their hands in utter despair. It seems that nothing can slow down medical inflation. The Towers Watson survey last year reported medical trend rates of almost 10 per cent in 2011; in Singapore, this […]

Writings and Interviews on Public Private Partnerships in Healthcare

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2012 IPS Singapore Perspectives Book Chapter on Healthcare Reform

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2012 Debate in Straits Times on Universal Health Coverage and adequacy of the Subsidy/ 3M model