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Radical Productivity ‘Today’ 1 March 2013

Singapore is staring down the barrel of a severe shortage of healthcare resources, including doctors, nurses, other healthcare professionals, hospitals, beds etc. There are 300,000 Singapore residents over the age of 65 years today; by 2030, this number wil balloon to 900,000, a three-fold increase. As Albert Einstein eloquently commented, doing the same thing over […]

Afghanistan Public Health Capacity Building Initiative

Any public health/ health policy/ healthcare management persons open to supporting a healthcare capacity building project for Afghanistan, please contact me. As a country, we’ve been very fortunate, can we pay it forward? Afghanistan is ranked 155 out of 169 countries for its human development index, a composite measure of 3 basic dimensions of human […]

Reflections on Thaler’s “Overcoming Obstacles to Better Health Care”

The article below from the New York Times had been sent to me by a number of persons asking for my views on the ideas contained and the relevance to Singapore. I’ve reproduced the article by Thaler below with my comments in [bold] inserted. Overcoming Obstacles to Better Health Care By RICHARD H. THALER Published: […]

“Spend more to keep healthcare affordable”- Today 22 Feb 2013

False dichotomies seem to pervade discussions around public policy. In demography, it is economic growth versus population constraint. In healthcare, it is reckless welfarism and compromise of other state functions versus fiscal prudence and necessary limits on health services. Yes, there will be trade-offs but we have a swathe of middle ground in between the […]

Tembusu Forum: Post Event Reflections

Blog post on the SDP Healthcare Plan, single payer models, financial protection I was privileged to be invited to speak at the Tembusu Forum, an initiative of Tembusu College (National University of Singapore) [Presentation in a previous post]. The Forum, the 7th in the series, is aimed at providing students opportunities to engage with thought […]

Presentation at Tembusu College on Changing Political Philosophy in Singapore Healthcare

Below is the text of a presentation prepared for the Tembusu Forum 18 Feb 2013 [To check against delivery]. CHANGING POLITICAL PHILOSOPHIES- IMPLICATIONS FOR THE FUTURE OF SINGAPORE HEALTHCARE Friends and colleagues, It gives me great pleasure to be here today. My thanks to Prof Tommy Koh for his kind invitation to come and share […]

Is Singapore short of doctors? ‘Today’ Commentary 14 Feb 2013

Commissioning private healthcare providers to care for public patients is controversial even in the best of times and I expect this commentary to elicit strong reactions. Perhaps controversy is a good thing; we do as a country, need to start thinking radically as the challenges we face are unprecedented and be ruthlessly pragmatic. The ideologies […]

Economics Myths In the Great Population Debate- Some Healthcare Perspectives

The essay “Economics Myths In the Great Population Debate” by Donald Low, Yeoh Lam Keong, Tan Kim Song and Manu Bhaskaran, all well-regarded economic thinkers has been circulated widely and intensely studied by Singaporeans interested in the economics behind the population debates. I claim no special expertise in economics but do have some perspectives […]

Will our healthcare system be ready?

The government has highlighted in the Population White Paper the healthcare infrastructure preparations for a possible 6.9 million population in the year 2030. Healthcare is a complex eco-system and hopefully planning has been holistic and beyond simply matching one or two parameters such as number of beds or number of healthcare professionals to population growth… […]