Re-Publishing and Citation for Non-Commercial Purposes

ORB Riau 1998

Dear readers,

Thank you for your support over the last 3-odd months since the blog was created. This has been a labor of love and part of an overall effort to offer perspectives on healthcare and health policy issues. I feel rather strongly health policy discussions have been unncessarily confined to the ‘elite’ and ‘experts’ and this damages the quality and breadth of the debate. Just as importantly, healthcare provision affects and impacts everyone and everyone legitimately can have a view which decision makers should take into account. The more informed the views, the more robust the debate and the better the quality of decision making and ultimately the better the healthcare  for you and me.

Many of you have asked about re-posting the blog content and sharing the posts more widely. The motivation for the blog is to contribute to informing the debate on health policies and hence I would welcome sharing the content more widely. Below is our official policy. In brief, please feel free to re-publish and cite without asking for permission for non-commercial purposes, but do let me know and also cite the website as the primary source.

Thanks once again.

Warm regards on a cool Sunday morning,


Re-publishing and Usage of blog posts

Insights Health Associates holds copyrights to its reports, articles and all other original content found on this website, unless otherwise noted.

Readers are free to re-publish or use the content for non-commercial uses. We encourage your use and distribution of the work on this website, and ask only that you attribute it to Insights Health Associates, and that you do not modify or use our work for commercial purposes without our permission. We also ask that in cases where our written permission is not required, you let us know how you’re using our work.


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