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Bilateral Cochlear Implants- A heartless, bureaucratic MOH? Not quite…

The 24th May 2013 letter in the Straits Times Forum pages appealing for the government to “Allow Medisave use for daughter’s ear implant” has elicited severe criticisms of the authorities for being unsympathetic, bureaucratic and the like. Some comments from the Real Singapore website which publicized the letter: A very cold and uncompassionate govt & […]

What Health Policy Makers should learn

Market access for drugs and medical devices is an issue that has interested me professionally for many years. Why? Because it really ties together disparate threads of politics, economics, commercial interests, civic society and challenges some pretty fundamental positions on what it means to be a citizen of a country. I’ll be giving a talk […]

VIP and non-VIP patients

One of my former boss’s favorite anecdotes was that of Prof Seah Cheng Siang making a Singapore President, the titular head of state, wait while he was attending to a patient in the C-class wards. In the course of researching my book on the Singapore health system, I came across a speech by our late […]