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What Public Health can learn from David Ogilvy

Much of public health is about communicating and communicating EFFECTIVELY (!). Sadly, it is this area which is typically weak in public health agencies dealing with information dissemination and behavioral modification. How can we as public health professionals compete for mind share amidst all the ‘noise’ out there and get our messages not only heard but acted […]

Singapore Haze: How dangerous is PM 2.5?

While the National Environment Agency (NEA) has traditionally reported the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) which measures the concentration of Particulate Matter less than 10 microns in size (PM 10), experts over the years have been warning that the smaller particles smaller than 2.5 microns or PM 2.5 are actually more dangerous to health. The physiological […]

ASEAN Economic Community’s Impact on Healthcare Services

I am writing this in Bangkok following a very engaging session on the impact of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) on healthcare goods and services. For those who may not be familiar, the AEC is an aspiration articulated by the region’s leaders to establish “regional economic integration”. The AEC is intended to have 4 key […]

Myth of the invisible hand in Healthcare

The commentary I wrote that was published in the Straits Times today (‘Myth of the invisible hand in health care’- 14 June 2013) received some attention from readers. Why did I write the commentary? No conspiracy theories and no one put me up to it. Quite simply, I had been following the comments in the […]

What can the ‘average citizen’ do?

I recently received an email from a reader with the poignant comment below: “If there’s anything a retired citizen like me can do to bring about the transition to universal healthcare coverage in Singapore, please let me know. If we need to pay more taxes to give individuals peace of mind about their health, let’s do […]