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The challenge of going beyond healthcare to health

‘Business model innovation’ is all the craze in the commercial healthcare world, what with increasing consumerization, ‘digitalization’ and payer pricing pressures. It’s also become clear that there are fundamental differences between the ecosystems for health as opposed to healthcare. In reviewing the recent Singapore budget debates on the health sector, I felt going ‘Beyond Healthcare […]

Why a ‘fat tax’ won’t work in Singapore- TODAY 12 Nov 2013

I’ve been pretty quiet recently and I apologize to readers. After my book “Myth or Magic: The Singapore Healthcare System” was published in September, I decided to take a short break from writing. The last 2 months have been intellectually invigorating. They were spent traveling around the region, looking at different models of care, new […]

Making it easier for S’poreans to be healthy (TODAY 19 Sept 2013)

I am personally impressed by the work that the HPB and its predecessor Training and Health Education Dept, Ministry of Health, has quietly undertaken these last decades. At the risk of appearing jingoistic, I thought it worthwhile to highlight the HPB approach to encouraging health. Of particular interest is the ‘systems thinking’ philosophy and the […]

Incredible how much sugar in packaged drinks!

The amount of sugar and calories in packaged drinks is incredible! Most standard carbonated drinks have 33 grams of sugar and about 136 calories per can (doesn’t matter if it’s Coca-Cola, Pepsi or any other brand). That’s roughly  eight teaspoons of sugar. And it’s not just the usual suspects but also the drinks we commonly perceive as […]

Reflections on Thaler’s “Overcoming Obstacles to Better Health Care”

The article below from the New York Times had been sent to me by a number of persons asking for my views on the ideas contained and the relevance to Singapore. I’ve reproduced the article by Thaler below with my comments in [bold] inserted. Overcoming Obstacles to Better Health Care By RICHARD H. THALER Published: […]