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Rethinking what it means to be filial (TODAY April 4, 2014)

Singapore is facing an unprecedented aging transition. I think we are fully aware of the need to act decisively but I harbor some doubts about whether we are sufficiently scratching beneath the surface to get at the crux of the issues. Beyond the motherhood statements like ‘filial piety’, ‘Asian society’ and ‘aging in place’, have we […]

VIP and non-VIP patients

One of my former boss’s favorite anecdotes was that of Prof Seah Cheng Siang making a Singapore President, the titular head of state, wait while he was attending to a patient in the C-class wards. In the course of researching my book on the Singapore health system, I came across a speech by our late […]

Empathy, the real measure of a doctor ‘Today’ 7 Mar 2013

Looking back, the most important lessons we learnt as medical students both in and out of the wards were those that made us human. And by learning to be better human beings, we became better doctors. Commentary published in ‘Today’ 7 March 2013 http://www.todayonline.com/commentary/empathy-real-measure-doctor Empathy, the real measure of a doctor There is a hug I will […]