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The challenge of going beyond healthcare to health

‘Business model innovation’ is all the craze in the commercial healthcare world, what with increasing consumerization, ‘digitalization’ and payer pricing pressures. It’s also become clear that there are fundamental differences between the ecosystems for health as opposed to healthcare. In reviewing the recent Singapore budget debates on the health sector, I felt going ‘Beyond Healthcare […]

Healthcare Productivity, Changing the Model of Care and the Role of GPs

This will be a long post and so apologies in advance. I wanted to be transparent and share the correspondence I had with the TODAY journalist who was obtaining perspectives for a ‘Big Read’ on healthcare productivity. This was published yesterday in a long piece titled “The Big Read: Beyond a jobs boost, healthcare sector […]

Public-Private Partnerships in Healthcare- ‘Jom Mama’ in Malaysia

I was encouraged to see that just across the Causeway in neighboring Malaysia, public-private partnerships to tackle disease are taking off and one good example is the one between the Malaysian Ministry of Health and Novo Nordisk with partners. There will always be skeptics and credit to the Malaysian officials for disregarding the inertia and […]

Making it easier for S’poreans to be healthy (TODAY 19 Sept 2013)

I am personally impressed by the work that the HPB and its predecessor Training and Health Education Dept, Ministry of Health, has quietly undertaken these last decades. At the risk of appearing jingoistic, I thought it worthwhile to highlight the HPB approach to encouraging health. Of particular interest is the ‘systems thinking’ philosophy and the […]

Healthcare Innovations in ASEAN- Cancer Downstaging in Sarawak

How important is innovation in healthcare? Despite us wanting healthcare to be ‘tried and tested’ and our doctors conservatively practicing only evidence-based medicine, innovation is healthcare is absolutely vital and arguably especially so in the management of the chronic diseases (Non-Communicable Diseases or NCDs in the technical jargon). This is because the NCDs present a […]

How should Singapore’s Healthcare System Change (Straits Times 7 Sept 2013)

It was hard to offer excerpts from my upcoming book ‘Myth or Magic: The Singapore Healthcare System’ within the word limit constraints of a newspaper. The Straits Times editors chose the chapter ‘How should Singapore change?’ and asked initially for the over 10,000 words to be condensed into 1,500 words. I tried but could not […]

Reviewing ‘rules’ for liposuction… again!

Below is the full text of the brief interview I had with the Straits Times. I am to be honest not persuaded at this point in time that liposuction needs further tightening of rules. Ideally, it should be an honest assessment of risk versus benefit. But data are so sparse here. One death is a tragedy, no […]

Cross Border Health Services (2012)

Chapter contributed to Blackwell Encyclopedia of Health Sciences 2012 Cross Border Health Services (Blackwell) DRAFT

SGH Quality Convention 2013- ‘Radical Improvement’

I was the guest speaker at the Quality Convention earlier today. It was good to catch up with so many old friends but at the same time a little disheartening to hear of the challenges faced. My topic was “Radical Improvement” in Singapore healthcare- Desperately Needed (Slides used attached SGH20130327 SGH Quality Convention JL ). […]

‘Light of Hope’- A world-first in India

Who would believe a ‘first in the world’ advanced radiology project would occur in India? I am writing this in Chandigarh, India, home of one of India’s most prominent hospitals, PGIMER (Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research) after a visit to the project site of Asha Jyoti (Hindi for ‘Light of Hope’), an […]