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Rising cost, regional rivals weaken Singapore’s medical tourism appeal- Business Times 11th Nov 2015

I was recently interviewed by the Business Times for a feature story on medical tourism in Singapore.   Below are the questions and my responses: In your opinion, are there any other reasons why Singapore is losing these patients? My view is that there are 4 main reasons: 1. Unfavorable currency situation 2. High costs in […]

“Why Singapore needs foreign patients” ST 22 July 2015- Follow Up Responses

My recent commentary “Why Singapore must have foreign patients” (Straits Times 22 July 2015) created quite a stir with many lambasting the views presented or thanking me for raising issues which had been difficult in this political climate to voice publicly especially if one was in the public sector. Two issues are probably worth clarifying […]

Transparency in Pricing Data

The Straits Times published today an article highlighting that Parkway has launched an initiative to make public the prices of common procedures. This is a great start, not perfect but ‘green shoots’ and I hope that this will set in motion a movement towards greater pricing and quality transparency. The Straits Times asked me for a […]

Cross Border Health Services (2012)

Chapter contributed to Blackwell Encyclopedia of Health Sciences 2012 Cross Border Health Services (Blackwell) DRAFT