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Bilateral Cochlear Implants- A heartless, bureaucratic MOH? Not quite…

The 24th May 2013 letter in the Straits Times Forum pages appealing for the government to “Allow Medisave use for daughter’s ear implant” has elicited severe criticisms of the authorities for being unsympathetic, bureaucratic and the like. Some comments from the Real Singapore website which publicized the letter: A very cold and uncompassionate govt & […]

“Transform the way Healthcare is delivered” ST 2 Mar 2013

I hope the key messages in the interview with the Straits Times came out clearly enough. To me, these are: 1. Our health system has served us pretty well these last 4 decades, but it is no longer sufficient, and it is timely a total system review is undertaken. 2. Budget 2013 was great from […]

Tembusu Forum: Post Event Reflections

Blog post on the SDP Healthcare Plan, single payer models, financial protection I was privileged to be invited to speak at the Tembusu Forum, an initiative of Tembusu College (National University of Singapore) [Presentation in a previous post]. The Forum, the 7th in the series, is aimed at providing students opportunities to engage with thought […]

Presentation at Tembusu College on Changing Political Philosophy in Singapore Healthcare

Below is the text of a presentation prepared for the Tembusu Forum 18 Feb 2013 [To check against delivery]. CHANGING POLITICAL PHILOSOPHIES- IMPLICATIONS FOR THE FUTURE OF SINGAPORE HEALTHCARE Friends and colleagues, It gives me great pleasure to be here today. My thanks to Prof Tommy Koh for his kind invitation to come and share […]

How many Medisave dollars do Singaporeans die with?

Last week highlighted two very different philosophies to Medisave utilization by the Government and the Workers Party (WP). WP called for unfettered draw down for those >75 years of age while the Government urged avoiding “premature depletion” of Medisave monies. Who’s right? “At the age of 75, most of our senior citizens are unemployed. For […]

2012 Debate in Straits Times on Universal Health Coverage and adequacy of the Subsidy/ 3M model