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ever Increasing Integrated (MediShield) Plan premiums

Response to media queries on rising Integrated Plans’ premiums in general and a specific query about private doctors offering ‘unnecessary treatments’ to generate more income: 1. For insurers to be financially viable, the premiums collected must be more than the claims paid out. This ‘medical loss ratio’ as it is described in the industry is […]

How should Singapore’s Healthcare System Change (Straits Times 7 Sept 2013)

It was hard to offer excerpts from my upcoming book ‘Myth or Magic: The Singapore Healthcare System’ within the word limit constraints of a newspaper. The Straits Times editors chose the chapter ‘How should Singapore change?’ and asked initially for the over 10,000 words to be condensed into 1,500 words. I tried but could not […]

Misunderstanding European Healthcare Once Again

It is hard to be European. Despite substantial changes in healthcare financing in Europe over the last 2 decades with a shift towards larger use of cost sharing, many in Singapore still believe that European healthcare is ‘free’. The latest is a remark attributed to a minister by Channel News Asia: “… said the government […]

New PAP or Party returning to roots?- Relevance to healthcare

http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/new-pap-or-party-returning-its-roots Interesting and balanced analysis by Amir Hussain in ‘Today’ on whether the PAP is truly transforming. Guess it all boils down to the balance- How to be popular enough to remain in power. I am not sure that the PAP has not misunderstood the people though. My sensing is that people do NOT want […]