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Unintended Consequences in Healthcare

I was honored to be invited as a speaker and panel discussant at yesterday’s Behavioral Sciences Institute Annual Conference on ‘Unintended Consequences’. The gist of my presentation and ensuing discussion are as below: Health is a complex adaptive system and the complexity, inter-relations and externalities which drive unintended consequences are beyond complete human appreciation and […]

How should Singapore’s Healthcare System Change (Straits Times 7 Sept 2013)

It was hard to offer excerpts from my upcoming book ‘Myth or Magic: The Singapore Healthcare System’ within the word limit constraints of a newspaper. The Straits Times editors chose the chapter ‘How should Singapore change?’ and asked initially for the over 10,000 words to be condensed into 1,500 words. I tried but could not […]

What can the ‘average citizen’ do?

I recently received an email from a reader with the poignant comment below: “If there’s anything a retired citizen like me can do to bring about the transition to universal healthcare coverage in Singapore, please let me know. If we need to pay more taxes to give individuals peace of mind about their health, let’s do […]

Sick Leave and Free Train Rides

It has been an interesting week of ‘radical’ policy changes. First, the Civil Service decision to permit public servants up to 2 non-consecutive days of sick leave without the need for medical certification was picked up by the media (Civil servants can call in sick without MC for 2 days- Today, April 13, 2013). Then […]