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Protected: What Next for Singapore Healthcare post-National Day Rally 2013

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Is Singapore short of doctors? ‘Today’ Commentary 14 Feb 2013

Commissioning private healthcare providers to care for public patients is controversial even in the best of times and I expect this commentary to elicit strong reactions. Perhaps controversy is a good thing; we do as a country, need to start thinking radically as the challenges we face are unprecedented and be ruthlessly pragmatic. The ideologies […]

Economics Myths In the Great Population Debate- Some Healthcare Perspectives

The essay “Economics Myths In the Great Population Debate” https://www.evernote.com/shard/s1/sh/d85ef79d-0582-4c59-992a-1e8ecbc22359/eedb54998c8619cc3613d4c30c85afd3 by Donald Low, Yeoh Lam Keong, Tan Kim Song and Manu Bhaskaran, all well-regarded economic thinkers has been circulated widely and intensely studied by Singaporeans interested in the economics behind the population debates. I claim no special expertise in economics but do have some perspectives […]

Will our healthcare system be ready?

The government has highlighted in the Population White Paper the healthcare infrastructure preparations for a possible 6.9 million population in the year 2030. Healthcare is a complex eco-system and hopefully planning has been holistic and beyond simply matching one or two parameters such as number of beds or number of healthcare professionals to population growth… […]