About IHA

Insights Health Associates (IHA) is the firm established by Dr. Jeremy Lim. It is currently inactive as a firm but this blog continues to be active. Dr. Lim has assumed the role of partner and head, health and life sciences, Asia Pacific in Oliver Wyman, the global consulting firm. He continues to be contactable via this blog site.


IHA was established to provide niche advisory services in the areas of healthcare services, health and wellness programs, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. The firm adopts a ‘first principles’ approach, analyzing national health issues from the sequential perspectives of:

Political Philosophy -> Health and Healthcare financing-> Healthcare Delivery

At firm level, a multitude of strategic frameworks are used depending on the specific situation. The more popular models adopted include those from Michael Porter (Harvard Business School), Clayton Christensen (Harvard Business School) and Daniel Kim (MIT). An introductory document on strategic thinking in healthcare, Strategy and Synergy in Healthcare was contributed by Principal Consultant Dr. Jeremy Lim to the Singapore Medical Association. In depth stakeholder analyses and scenario planning tools are also extensively used, in keeping with the firm’s belief that strategic planning is a ‘learning journey’ for all participants which even while delivering a robust business plan also prepares participants for a turbulent future by enabling enduring insights of the sector, appreciation of the driving forces and awareness of ‘black swan’ possibilities.

In addition to advisory services, IHA also offers seminars and workshops on health systems, with the most popular being “Strategic Thinking in Healthcare” (2-4 days), “Singapore Healthcare: Myth or Magic” (0.5 to 1 day), “Comparative health systems in ASEAN” (1-2 days) and “Health Technology Assessment for the Business Manager”. Customized workshops can also be arranged.


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