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Radical Productivity ‘Today’ 1 March 2013

Singapore is staring down the barrel of a severe shortage of healthcare resources, including doctors, nurses, other healthcare professionals, hospitals, beds etc. There are 300,000 Singapore residents over the age of 65 years today; by 2030, this number wil balloon to 900,000, a three-fold increase. As Albert Einstein eloquently commented, doing the same thing over […]

Political Ideology guiding Singapore health policy makers

http://www.cscollege.gov.sg/Knowledge/Ethos/Issue%209%20Jun%202011/Pages/Strategic-Orientations-in-Singapore-Healthcare.aspx Paper we wrote in 2011 to offer perspectives on how Singapore health planners see the world and the criteria implicitly used in decision making.

2012 IPS Singapore Perspectives Book Chapter on Healthcare Reform

2012 IPS Singapore Perspectives Re-Making Singapore Healthcare

Lecture on Non-Communicable Diseases (Ministry of Health Singapore) Jan 2013

20130103 NCD Policy Response