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Unintended Consequences in Healthcare

I was honored to be invited as a speaker and panel discussant at yesterday’s Behavioral Sciences Institute Annual Conference on ‘Unintended Consequences’. The gist of my presentation and ensuing discussion are as below: Health is a complex adaptive system and the complexity, inter-relations and externalities which drive unintended consequences are beyond complete human appreciation and […]

Singapore Medical Council Elections- Do they matter?

I’ve voted in the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) 2013 elections as required under Section 6 of the Medical Registration Act (Cap. 174) – “Failure to vote without a valid reason will result in a penalty which is a fine of $500”. I have better ways to spend $500 than to hand the money to the […]

Aftermath of the Susan Lim Case: Thoughts on charging a “fair and reasonable fee”

“It is therefore clear, in our view, that every doctor is under an ethical obligation to charge a fair and reasonable fee for services rendered to his or her patient. The corollary of this is that overcharging would constitute an abuse of the trust and confidence placed by a patient in his or her doctor, […]