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“Why Singapore needs foreign patients” ST 22 July 2015- Follow Up Responses

My recent commentary “Why Singapore must have foreign patients” (Straits Times 22 July 2015) created quite a stir with many lambasting the views presented or thanking me for raising issues which had been difficult in this political climate to voice publicly especially if one was in the public sector. Two issues are probably worth clarifying […]

Myth of the invisible hand in Healthcare

The commentary I wrote that was published in the Straits Times today (‘Myth of the invisible hand in health care’- 14 June 2013) received some attention from readers. Why did I write the commentary? No conspiracy theories and no one put me up to it. Quite simply, I had been following the comments in the […]

Reward docs for keeping people healthy

I was very taken by Philip’s interview with Susan Long in the Straits Times now almost two weeks’ ago (Pity it is behind a pay wall). Here was a man and his institution trying to do everything right from national and public health perspectives, but really swimming against the tide. The ideas and initiatives are […]

Is Singapore short of doctors? ‘Today’ Commentary 14 Feb 2013

Commissioning private healthcare providers to care for public patients is controversial even in the best of times and I expect this commentary to elicit strong reactions. Perhaps controversy is a good thing; we do as a country, need to start thinking radically as the challenges we face are unprecedented and be ruthlessly pragmatic. The ideologies […]