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Public-Private Partnerships in Healthcare- ‘Jom Mama’ in Malaysia

I was encouraged to see that just across the Causeway in neighboring Malaysia, public-private partnerships to tackle disease are taking off and one good example is the one between the Malaysian Ministry of Health and Novo Nordisk with partners. There will always be skeptics and credit to the Malaysian officials for disregarding the inertia and […]

Healthcare Innovations in ASEAN- Cancer Downstaging in Sarawak

How important is innovation in healthcare? Despite us wanting healthcare to be ‘tried and tested’ and our doctors conservatively practicing only evidence-based medicine, innovation is healthcare is absolutely vital and arguably especially so in the management of the chronic diseases (Non-Communicable Diseases or NCDs in the technical jargon). This is because the NCDs present a […]

Reward docs for keeping people healthy

I was very taken by Philip’s interview with Susan Long in the Straits Times now almost two weeks’ ago (Pity it is behind a pay wall). Here was a man and his institution trying to do everything right from national and public health perspectives, but really swimming against the tide. The ideas and initiatives are […]

Incredible how much sugar in packaged drinks!

The amount of sugar and calories in packaged drinks is incredible! Most standard carbonated drinks have 33 grams of sugar and about 136 calories per can (doesn’t matter if it’s Coca-Cola, Pepsi or any other brand). That’s roughly  eight teaspoons of sugar. And it’s not just the usual suspects but also the drinks we commonly perceive as […]

Lecture on Non-Communicable Diseases (Ministry of Health Singapore) Jan 2013

20130103 NCD Policy Response